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Bike Horn with Remote Control for Tail Light

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USB Smart Bike Tail Light with Horn Wireless Remote Control Bicycle Indicator Rear Light MTB Cycling Turning Signal Warning Lamp
The remote control has a 120 decibel horn, 3 kinds of sound effects, which can control the working mode of the bicycle tail light through the wireless function; 5 kinds of light effects can be used with the wireless multi-function horn to control the flashing mode of the light through the wireless function, including left and right steering Warning function.
1.Smart bicycle safety warning light: with red high-brightness LED lamp beads, through the remote control fixed on the handlebar, you can conveniently control the tail light to indicate left turn, right turn and multiple flashing functions.
2.Remote control with speaker: The remote control has a 120dB speaker, which can switch 3 kinds of ringtones. Through the buttons on the wireless remote control, you can control the bicycle tail light to display different light patterns and flashing patterns. The remote control is installed on the handlebar, which is convenient for the rider to control while riding. It is suitable for mountain, mountain bike and road bike use.
3.USB rechargeable bicycle turn signal: Built-in polymer lithium ion battery and USB port, can be fully charged within 1 hour, make the bicycle taillight work continuously for about 6 hours, and can be quickly charged from any USB port.
4. IPX4 waterproof: IPX4 waterproof makes this bicycle turn signal lamp can be used in light or moderate rain.
5. Easy-to-install bicycle turn signal: with a silicone mounting bracket, the taillight is installed under the seat, and the remote control is fixed on the bicycle handle, suitable for most bicycles.
Material: ABS
Power supply: USB rechargeable
Battery capacity: about 200mAh
Waterproof level: daily waterproof
Mode: Always on/Flash/Turn left/Turn right/Marquee
Weight: about 64 grams (taillight + remote control)
Taillight size: 100*34.2*32MM
Remote control size: 60*37*44mm
Number of lamp beads: 11 high lamp beads
Package includes:
1*tail light
1*remote control
1*USB cable
1*rubber ring